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Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm becoming Australianised...

I haven't posted many musings lately on Oz versus UK life and I wonder if that's because I'm becoming more and more Australian? On Saturday night, I met a friend of a friend for the first time. We'd both heard of each other through the mutual friend, but when I went and introduced myself to him, he replied: "You can't be Jen! If you're Jen, how come you haven't got a Pommy accent?"
I'm also getting a bit tired of the friends in the UK who demand that I "stop talking in that Australian accent, you sound like you're off Neighbours" when I have a phonecall home. Seriously, I haven't completely lost my grasp of the Queen's English but my voice is slipping deeper and deeper into an English/Aussie hybrid. Funny thing is I'm worryingly proud to sound a bit Aussie. Don't tell anyone.
My dad's gonna be heaps pleased, no worries.

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  1. What is it they say on Neighbours? "Oh mate, I'm rapt!"